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Athens ... Discover the stunning Greek capital!

Occupied for at least three thousand years, Athens is considered the birthplace of Western civilization, and is home to some of the most important historical monuments in the world.
Owner of one of the richest mythologies on the planet, the capital of Greece, in addition to being the political, intellectual, cultural and artistic cradle of the West, is also an open-air museum.

Athens is also known as the city that does not sleep. The city has a super busy nightlife all year round, with many bars, clubs and restaurants.

In addition, it is very close to the coast, facilitating the access of tourists to the famous Greek islands and continental beaches.

So be sure to get to know the city of Athens in depth, it has a lot to offer!

You can really enjoy the Greek summer in the capital! Book your private speedboat tour from Athens to the islands of Paros, Hydra, Poros, Kythnos and even the Temple of Poseidon.



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